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Baltic Information & Security Systems
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Digital IP
 videosurveillance - fundamentally new approach to security system development, which combines reliability with ease of configuration and exploitation. Cost of digital systems is higher than analog, because it has a number of significant benefits:

  • faultless picture and high quality of videorecording. Resolution of digital cameras already is higher than 1600x1200, i.e. more than 2 mpx, while analog cameras are limited to TV standard 768x576 (0,4 mpx). More detailed picture and increased coverage in various cases allow to avoid usage of expensive and less reliable PZT (Pan-Zoom-Tilt) analog subtitutes;
  • in digital cameras images are digitized only one time and remain in digital format all the way: no need for transfomation, image's quality does not decrease while transferring videodata via Internet (including Wi-Fi channel);
  • IP-cameras' connection option to the existing local network significantly decreases system's mounting time, saves on cabling;
  • high "intelligence" level of IP-camera allows to use equipment resources more efficiently and effectively. For example, camera decides when to transfer signal, at what frame rate and resolution. Digital entries/exits give opportunity to automatically activate alarm, but built-in camera's memory card - not to lose data in case communication line is broken. 

We offer full range of services for digital videosurveillance and registration systems' implementation - design, installation, maintenance and integration with other systems.