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Systems & Solutions Automated services Data registration system FidPark-DR
FidPark-Data Registration system (FidPark-DR) provides reliable and user-friendly technology for off-line data collection and logging.

For this a server-software is used on the PC to which portable terminals with integrated RFID- or 2D-reader can be connected via USB-port. All current data-tables with all the IDs could be uploaded to the terminal. For example, it could be a list of passengers entitled to free entrance.

Further, the terminals can be used offline. If a RFID-card is presented to the terminal and if the ID of this card is included in the table - the card owners name will be displayed on the screen and the date & time of reading this card will be logged in the terminal's memory.

FidPark system has powerful and flexible report generation engine and resports export to various formats.