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Systems & Solutions Automated services

Our offered systems FidPark operate in different business areas where it is necessary to ensure the access control for people or transport, as well as to control the provision of various services. At the exit from the object there must be provided an opportunity to pay for the received services, taking into account the time spent in the object, the purchased goods and additional services.

Automated objects can be:

  •     parking;
  •     pools;
  •     SPA-centers, saunas, solariums;
  •     leisure facilities;
  •     sports and fitness centers.

Business owners are interested in attracting the maximum number of customers with a flexible system of tariffs and subscriptions, a convenient way of payments and effectively control the work of service personnel. But customers are interested in getting the required service at anytime (for example, to find a free parking space) and promptly pay for services choosing the most convenient way of payment.

The companies (warehouses) dealing with freight transportation meet the similar problems to be solved. Truck drivers, who take the goods to or from the company's territory, have to perform a sequence of actions (e.g, weighing, loading and unloading, re-weighing, drawing up the documents, etc.) before they could leave the company.

Our created FidPark systems solve the above listed tasks. They include the following basic components:

  • the access control equipment (barriers, turnstiles, etc.);
  • the payment system (automatic paystations and cashier's workplace);
  • the management server with the ability to integrate with the enterprise IT system;
  • administrator's workstation, including  installation of flexible tariffs;
  • the workplace of a guard-operator;
  • VOIP-communication system with customers;
  • WEB-applications to provide the customers with discount offers;
  • additional elements that are specific to the particular business (for example, in the pool - bracelets dispenser and capturer, automated lockers);
  • reporting system.

We offer different technical solutions in accordance with the objects peculiarities and the customer requirements - 2D barcodes, contactless identifiers with reading distance from 2-3 cm up to 10 m, license plate recognition, identification of mobile phone number and other solutions.


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