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Systems Pool-spa, sport & leisure center control systems
Fidpark systems are designed to control customer access and payment in multifunctional facilities with multiple zones and related services.

In multi-storey car parks, this could be a control over the stay on each floor (area) by vehicle registration number. In pool/SPA and sport centers the access areas might be the information center, changing rooms, swimming pools, recreation areas, gyms, parking lots. In entertainment centers - cinemas or sports halls, attractions, parking lots.
Several passes can be assigned to each visitor (RFID bracelet, bar coded ticket, car registration number etc.), as well as the rights to purchase goods using his account.

When a customer crosses a checkpoint between two zones with his pass, the system checks his right to leave the first zone (for example, whether the services received in this zone were paid for) as well as the right to enter the second zone (for example, whether the services in this zone are prepaid or can be postpaid). If access is allowed, the services in the first zone are terminated or suspended, in the second zone - started or resumed in accordance to client's contracts.

The system keeps track of the time each customer has spent in each area and might not record the paid time the customer has spent in the locker room before and after using the pool or in the information center.

FidPark allows you to sell customers one-time passes/tickets and subscriptions with service packages (eg pool and gym), expiration date (eg month), duration of visit (eg up to two hours) and number of them (eg no more than as 2 times a day and 30 times a month). As such objects require relatively large human resources for customer service, FidPark greatly simplifies these procedures and, in accordance with the business policy, allows the collection, booking and payment of services using cash registers and the Internet. stores that significantly speed up customer service.

Several components and options are integrated into the system:

• Management and control of lockers
• Return of the customer's contactless wristbands
• Possibility for the customer to choose the service when entering the area
• Sale of goods manually or through Vending equipment, linking it to the customer's account
• Information terminals
• Message boards next to the number recognition cameras
• Free space board with the option to create advertising and other information
• Paystations for cash, bank cards, bonuses, customer cards
• Prepaid and postpaid payments, mobile payments, Direct Debit and others.
• Cashier-operator application
• Employee mobile workstations with web-interface
• Employee access control and time tracking
• Scheduled reports and sending to e-mails
• Data import-export, integration with the customer's accounting systems
• System resilience, effective remote support and problem solving.