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Address: Skanstes iela 50 (1. ieeja, 2. stāvs), Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija
Phone: +371 67603360, 67611722
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Systems System equipment and programs Automatic cashiers (PayStations)

FidPark paystations are intended for:

  • payment for services (charged entry/exit, car parks, fitness centers, Internet cafes);
  • sales and top-up cards or tokens,
  • receiving cash in exchange for coins or other subjects;
  • currency exchange; buying or extending subscriptions;
  • selling entry tickets; discounts from loyalty cards;
  • integration with liquid dispensers;

Depending on the scope and functionality the paystations may have the following options:

  • Banknote Validator,
  • Coin Hoppers for collection and delivery of coins and tokens,
  • Dispensers for plastic cards,
  • RFID card reader,
  • Color touch screen with buttons or indicator,
  • Built-in terminals for bank cards.
Service software could operate on a LAN or locally, is used for administration and maintenance. The paystations are certified in accordance to LR MK Rules 95,96.

Paystations can accept payment before departure, pre-payment, payments for subscriptions and other types of payments.

Ticket sales machines are available for selling tickets without set date or location (e.g. nature parks, museums, exhibitions and similar events/venues). To use them as internet kiosks, these machines can be integrated with ticket provider system.

Following models of paystations are available:
Paystation FP-KA15      FP-KA17 Paystation mini version     Cash collector FP-KA560
Intended for accepting payments using bank cards as a means of payment.     The compact cash register is designed to take payment with bank cards. Transaction checks are sent to a smartphone or e-mail at the customer's request.     
Designed for quick cash acceptance. It has a built-in funnel that accepts coins of any denomination, counting at a rate of up to 12 coins per second.

 Automatic Cashier
    Paystation FP-KA700/710     Internet kiosk FP-KA300
Intended for payment for services and goods. The machine can be integrated into any trading system and provides acceptance of coins, banknotes (from € 0.01 to € 500), bank and loyalty cards, as well as the issuance of change with both coins and banknotes. No additional tanks are required to dispense the change, which would need to be replenished regularly.     Cash registers FP-KA700/710 are designed to take payments with bank cards, banknotes, and coins, as well as issue the change with any of the coin denominations (FP-KA700 - 0.02 € - 2 €, FP-KA710 - 0.01 € -2 €). The machine can be used to pay for various services and bills, top-up a customer's card account, or receive information.     A kiosk with a wide range of functions, which can be integrated with any system that requires payment processing. The kiosk allows payments for services, purchase subscriptions, top-up prepaid cards and receive other information. The machine has a built-in camera and printer, which allows customers to take photos and print a pass continuously.

According to Latvian State regulations No.95 and 96, all cash registers and cashier's workstations used in Latvia have to be supplemented with a certified fiscal subsystem, which can be used without turnover restrictions for selling goods and services, as well as for integration with other systems.

FidPark Cash Register System (FPKS) is an optional FidPark component that incorporates a sealed computer with registered software that passed compliance check, and the checksums of all programs were recorded in accordance with SRS requirements.

The transaction receipts can be printed on paper, or the customer can receive it in electronic format.

Paystations and Cash Registers with FPKS can be connected to Internet, and accept payments with cash & bank cards using certified POS-terminals. FPKS can also be used for so-called Vending vending machines with MDB internal protocol.