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Systems System equipment and programs People & Vehicle Counters
Automatic counting of people entering/leaving is used in many objects – shops, shopping malls to account customer numbers, airports, museums, reading rooms etc. In many countries such counters are required by law for shopping and office complexes so that in case of emergency it would be possible to know number of people in the building.

In access control systems such counters are used instead of turnstiles in some occasions - if someone enters without presenting authorized access pass then alarm is sounded for security personnel and takes a picture of the person passing.

We offer different people counting technologies:

  • using infrared beams (light barriers). Advantage- reasonable price.Disadvantage- low precision when larger crowds are moving
  • thermal sensor placed above (on the ceiling) is much more precise, but also costs more
  • when the right cameras placed in right places are used, system can add people counting to video surveillance system using Video Analytics software

Thermal sensors

Using thermal imaging technology, the ClearCount Thermal line senses human infrared radiation for highly accurate traffic monitoring beneath the sensor.  Thermal sensors is mounted to the ceiling  and provide the accuracy of counting 96-99%. The preferred mounting height of the sensor from 3 to 4 meters, maximum - 7.5 meters. Other advantages of thermal sensors:
• small size;
• adjustable counting zone;
• work with a large flow of people;
• high sensitivity;
• automatic adaptation to the room temperature
• protection from damage power, due to the non-volatile memory.

The ClearCount Thermal line uses TCP/IP connectivity and multiple configurable counting modes, all remotely accessible for calibration. Data transmission is communicated over your local or wide area network.


FidPark-Counter software

 is used for counting people in premises with one or many entrances/exits and to count vehicles in car parks with one or several entry-exit points.

Wide range of information sources is supported: thermal or electromagnetic sensors, infra red barriers etc. The result (like place count available) is displayed on a screen.

Report generator make reports in tables and graphs supplying detailed information about all processes connected to object.

 Screenshots of software counter:

Statistics report 1                                                   Statistics report 2
Statistics report (graph)