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Systems System equipment and programs Systems with electronic doorlocks & mechanical keys
Electronically controlled door locks may have several design solutions:
(a) an electromagnet located inside the door stand and releasing the door lock bolt,
(b) an electromagnet normally located at the top of the door jamb and releasing the door itself,
(c) electromechanical door lock with internal battery, reader and wireless communication with the controller.

Solutions (a, b) require power cables for each door and considerable work with the door stand, which can damage the exterior of the door. Electromechanical locks (c) are a high-class product that provide a high level of security, they don't require wiring and are very energy efficient.

The benefits of these doorlocks are:
  • Low operating costs;
  • Different types of RFID cards;
  • Multifunctional card use;
  • Office mode;
  • Journal of lock events.
More information: RF card locks

Aperio wireless doorlocks
As one of the wireless actuators for access control systems, we offer Aperio locks in the form of plates and cylinders, made by Assa Abloy. These devices are not only modern in design, but also provide a high level of physical protection of the premises. For installation, it is sufficient just to replace the standard cylinder mechanism of conventional mechanical locks.

Using wireless communication, it is possible to combine mechanical locks into one controlled system, such as FidPark. These locks can be used without cables and with a built-in battery in offices, hotels and other places where high demands are placed on interior design, as well as when installing in hard-to-reach places. Aperio locks can work with already used RFID badges and with reduced installation and maintenance costs.

The range of systems we offer includes mechanical key management and registration system (AVRS), which allows registering all user actions with keys and avoiding situation where keys are not returned or lost, unknown person took the key, or the key is just missed.

Only the user with appropriate access rights may take the key, and the event is registered in database.