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Address: Skanstes iela 50 (1. ieeja, 2. stāvs), Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija
Phone: +371 67603360, 67611722
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Thermo sensors
 We offer sensors that capture the heat radiated by the human body. The sensors are mounted on the ceiling and provide counting of people with 96-99% accuracy.

Advantages of thermal sensors:
  • small size;
  • adjustable counting zone;
  • works with a large flow of people;
  • high sensitivity;
  • automatic adaptation to room temperature protection against power damage due to the use of energy-independent memory.

Contactless active beacons
Hands-free registrations offer a range of active sensors (tags, beacon) with Bluetooth interface, which can have a reading distance of up to several meters, regardless of orientation.

Passive cards and key fobs are not suitable for hands-free operation as they do not provide sufficient reading distance and stability.

BT sensor readers are integrated into the FidPark system.

Active RFID devices, such as hands-free Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags with a reading distance of a few tens of meters, can be used as human tags in FidPark systems. Industrial BLE Access Points that convert information from BLE to WiFi can be used as BLE readers.

People counters can be used for marketing purposes, as well as in cases of fire and other accidents as they provide accurate numbers of people that may require evacuation. Vehicle counting is done with various vehicle sensors. These sensors can be used in parking lots or on the roads.

The equipment we offer uses the following technologies:
  • Infrared barriers (people and vehicles);
  • Thermal sensors and cameras (people);
  • Inductive loops under the road surface (vehicles);
  • Laser, infrared, microwave and ultrasonic sensors (vehicles);
  • Camcorders with image processing software (people and vehicles);
  • Geomagnetic sensors (only for vacant parking spots).
Offered sensors may be integrated with any system. Reports are available as digits or graphs. We offer sensors that can be used independently or integrated in FidPark system.

You can find more information here.